State of Nevada - Initiative Petition - Constitutional Amendment

Thank you for your interest in getting the voter ID Initiative Petition on the November 5 ballot. This is a BIG effort, and your help will go a long way to making this a success.

In order to qualify, 25,591 verified signatures from Nevada registered voters must be collected from each of the 4 Congressional Districts. These petitions must be submitted to the County Clerks or Registar of Voters for verification of signatures before June 26, 2024. Your help in collecting these signatures is really appreciated.

The rules we must follow are very strict, and any signature or form that doesn’t meet the requirements will be declared invalid.

The process begins by downloading the appropriate petition for the County and Congressional District where you will be collecting signatures. People can sign only the petition that matches their COUNTY and CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT . They CANNOT sign a petition from another county or from a different Congressional District. They must be a registered voter in that County and Congressional District. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never voted before in Nevada, so long as they are registered there.

The following maps have been included to help you identify the County and Congressional District where you will be collecting signatures.


There are three parts to the petition packet:
  1. (Page 1) The initiative, which contains the wording of what we’re trying to get on the ballot.
  2. (Pages 2 - 5)The petition, which includes the sheets where people can sign
  3. (Page 6) The certification petition, which is used by the signature collector to certify that they witnessed each person sign. This page must be completed by you in the presence of a Notary.

County and Congressional District petitions are available at the following link:

Download Petitions

Each petition has room for 32 signatures. You may use multiple petitions to collect more signatures.

Instructions for collecting signatures can be found at the following link:

Petition Signature Instructions

As you complete petitions and get them notarized, instructions for submitting them are provided in the followng link:

Submit Petitions

In order to keep you informed with the latest developments, please send an Email with your contact information to:

Thanks again for your help. Let us know if you have any questons.

David G. Gibbs